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What if writing could contribute more to you and your life? Do you have a book inside you that would like to be nurtured and nourished? A new blog? Or maybe you would like your social media posts to become more magnetic and brilliant?


A monthly series of offerings from #1 international bestselling author and third generation publisher Erica Glessing

designed to give your writing a place to be born and cultivated

Clear stuck places

Unravel criticisms from past teachers and parents

Quiet the critical mind!

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Three-Week Writing Class, 10:30-11:30AM PST (or by recording) June 13, 20 & 27 2017

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What people are saying about writing facilitation with Erica Glessing...

I have listened to the fantastic zoom call you did about writing. In fact, I have listened to it 3 times. The energy that came up for me was incredible. I was a ball of heat and sweat for most of the call lol. I was given a channelled message many years ago about one particular lifetime where I and my family was punished for what I wrote. I have been looking for a way to clear this energy for many years in many modalities and here in this call you went straight there and cleared it head on. It was life changing, thank you so much
You know one thing that remained with me specifically was the moment when you said, allow it to have a body. That kicked in so much. I am mostly lunar - the energy - the feminine. I evade form. The masculine - the solar - the willingness to be seen. And the book is all about blending the solar and lunar as One. And that is what was missing. The body - the willingness to have form. Thank you. You are so precious.